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Weather at Mersing


Mersing is a town that is particularly renowned for significant reasons. This town is situated at the eastern half of the Johor state in Malaysia There is a main trunk that connects both, southern and eastern Johor to the east coast of Pahang state and Mersing lies on the same trunk.

It is a beautiful town renowned and popular attracting tourists from all over the world. It is located 8 meters above sea-level.

But one of the most puzzling question is what is the best time to visit Mersing?

What is the weather in Mersing like?  What to expect?

When is the weather most favourable?


Mersing has a hot tropical climate.


Average temperature: 26.6 degree Celsius.

Highest: 34 degree Celsius

Lowest: 27 degree Celsius.

The temperature variation in Mersing are extremely limited. The variation ranges between warm to hot. There is no winter season in Mersing.


Heavy to Mild rainfall throughout the year.

It has a humid climate and the average humidity levels are above 85%.

Be it any time of the year, there is always a chance that it will rain in Mersing, So, it is not an exaggeration to state that always carry your raincoats and umbrella with you. Well, not if you want to soak in the rain.


Thus, it is apt to state that Mersing has very little variation in terms of weather. The climatic conditions are almost the same throughout the year and there are only slight variations.


Clear Skies – January to March and July to September

  • Mersing has relatively clear skies and lesser chance of rainfall in the months of January to March and July to September.
  • This period is the ideal time to visit Mersing as you will not be forced to remain indoors because of rains.
  • Also, all the nearby islands and beaches can be enjoyed without any restrictions.
  • The wind speeds are relatively higher which makes it very pleasant to be outdoors.

Heavy Rainfall and Overcast Skies – April to June and October to December

  • The period from April to June and October to December experience heavy rainfall and overcast skies.
  • The temperatures are also on the higher end and as a result the humidity is also high.
  • Though for people who want to enjoy, the rains this is also a time worth a visit to Mersing.
  • None of the major activities close down in Mersing even during these months and the island is fully operational.
  • The weather is also conducive for hot weather activities.
  • Also, since it is not the peak season in Mersing, the town is relatively less crowded and the prices of all goods and services cheaper.

Mersing thus does not offer much in terms of weather variations. As a tourist you can choose to visit Mersing at any time of the year and enjoy almost all Mersing has to offer.

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