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Tempat Menarik di Mersing- Places of Interest in Mersing


Mersing is the honeypot for tourists because of the variety of attractions it offers. With its pleasant atmosphere, far-fetched picturesque and gratifying offerings, this place has managed to become one of the most liked spot in Malaysia.

The many Colours of Mersing

  • The nearby Islands beautiful and adventurous islands are the most crowd pulling feature of Mersing.
  • Mersing has a number of beaches where you can spend a lazy day or engage in various adventurous water activities.
  • Mersing also offers a delightful variety of local and continental cuisines.
  • Mersing gives you several experiences due to the topography and atmospheric variations. It gives you recreational experiences such as fishing, swimming.
  • The natural beauty of the place is to die for especially the sun sets that make this place even more divine.
  • Another abode that serves a distinct experience is the exhibition hallway, displaying wildlife and culture with a waterfront trip.
  • Tourists are also attracted by the local shops that offer regional goods that are rich in culture.
  • The excitement is doubled with stocks of regional or traditional goods that make the place a good deal.
  •  The Air Papan Beach is the most liked home stay area that attracts a major chunk and chalets provide the people with comfortable accommodation.
  • The people of Mersing further make this place irresistible. They are very polite and helpful and are determined to make sure that you’re getting best experience.

In order to explore the real beauty of this place, tourists are advised to take a walk on their own. They can comprehend bits and chunks related to the culture, ethnicity, demography and the environment.

Still wondering what to do in Mersing? Let us look at some of the interesting Mersing attractions.

‘Gunung’ or Mountain Treks

Gunung Arong


It is located at a convenient drive of about 40 min from the main Mersing town.

Nature of Trek

  • This is a very simple hike suitable for beginners, kids and the elderly.
  • The highest point is 275 meters above sea level.
  • The trek takes about one hour to reach the top, thus leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery from the top.

Why This Trek

  • A awe-inspiring view of the sea and its surroundings awaits you at the top of the mountain and while climbing and descending the mountain.
  • After your decent is complete, you can also choose to enjoy at the beach at the foothills or head for a meal back to Mersing.

Terek to Juara


Terek to Juara is a 6 km long trail from one end of the island of Mersing to another.

Nature of Trek

  • It is a nature trek featuring part climbing stairs, hiking and descending the hillock via roads.
  • It can be a tough trek especially if the weather is hot and humid.
  • The landscape however makes the effort worthwhile.

Islands or ‘Pulau’ Nearby

Pulau Tioman


It is located 32 kms off the coast of Mersing and is 32 kms long and 12 kms wide. The island has numerous villages, the most famous being Kampung Tekek.


  • Tioman Islands, a nature reserve, in the South China Sea are known for its dive sites, coral reefs, sea fans and ship wrecks. The islands are home to butterflies, lizards and monkeys.
  • As it is a popular tourist destination, there are numerous chalets, hotels, resorts and other facilities available for the tourists.
  • Some of the popular tourist attractions are Asah Waterfall, Tekek Village, Panuba Bay, Minang Cove, Juara Turtle Project, Golden City and Bagus Place Retreat.

Pulau Rawa


It is a relatively small island located 16 kms from Mersing or a 30 minute boat ride away.


  • ‘Rawa’ means white doves in malaysia and these doves are found in abundance on this island.
  • One side of the island is a white sand beach while the other has a rocky vertical cliff.
  • There are two resots on these islands: Rawa Island Resort and Alang’s Rawa.
  • Some of the activities you can engage at the Pulau Rawa are swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, scuba diving, trekking and relaxing.

Pulau Tengah


It is an exotic privately owned island about 15 kms or 30 min away from Mersing.


  • The famous resort of Batu Batu is located at this island and they operate and run this island.
  • The resort runs a conservation program called Turtle Watch camp which is a hatchery to protect sea turtle eggs. Tourists can watch the turtles lay eggs and watch these eggs hatch.
  • Other underwater activities are also available at the island resort.

Activities to undertake in Mersing


  • Mersing and its surrounding islands are all ideal diving spots because of the variety of colourful and breath-taking marine life you can spot underwater.
  • On almost every diving excursions one can spot reef sharks (harmless), turtles, batfish, cuttlefish, eels, parrot fish, angel fish, butterfly fish and many others.
  • The water is nice, warm and cozy thus making it an ideal diving location.
  • So, get ready for a wonderful view of the mermaid’s world. Almost all the beaches have diving companies which provide the complete gear as well as the diving instructor to enable your journey underwater.


  • Snorkelling is another underwater adventure activity that one can undertake at Mersing.
  • Again almost all the beaches and islands have snorkelling equipment, fish food and guide available for you.
  • It is an ideal activity for those who do not want to venture deep underwater but still want to experience the hidden underwater world.
  • You can swim along the surface of the ocean water along with the fishes, feed fishes and have a glimpse into the astounding underwater world.
  • The prices are also very reasonable.


  • There are a variety of fishing tours available for all those who want to experience the serenity and beauty of the oceans from the safety of a boat.
  • Typically, for the ideal fishing spots the boats will take you at least two hours into the sea and float about to let you fish and enjoy the beauty of water all around you.


  • Shopping is a must for any holiday to be complete. You not only want to take away as gifts for friends and family the local best but also want something to remember the trip for yourself. Well, Mersing has a variety of dried and fresh sea food to offer that you can buy.
  • The Keropok or crackers are a must buy for all Mersing visitors. These are a wide variety of crackers and other sea food to choose from.
  • Some of the famous shops are Perusahaan Keropok HJ Puteh, Kuantan Seafood Mangrove Port Co. Ltd. and Perusahaan Kerpok HJ Ramli.


  • Mersing and the the entire Johar region of Malaysia have a lot of mountains or ‘gunung’ in Malaysian  and are a hiker’s dream. So, if you want to spice up your visit to Mersing or are bored after visiting the various beaches, hike.
  • Gunung Arong is one of the most popular hiking spot located just 40 minutes from the Mersing town. Other popular treks are the trek to Juara or the Tioman coastal trail.

Other Attractions in Mersing

Mersing Museum


It is located in the centre of town within a short walking distance of 5 min from the Mersing Feery Terminal and Mersing Habour Centre.


9 AM to 4.45 PM. Closed on Fridays.

Why Visit

  • It showcases the history of Mersing in a beautiful manner.
  • It was built in the 1920’s and is one of the oldest buildings in the district.
  • It has on display Japanese war equipment used during the 2nd World War, local fishing equipment used during the earlier times amongst other artefacts.

Mersing Farmer’s Market


The market is about a ten minute walk from the Mersing Ferry Station. It is located at Mersing Farmers Market Cemetery Road, Mersing.


The market assembles on Fridays and Sundays every week.


  • All fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables are available here at very reasonable prices. Unique fruits such as Longan or dragon eyes, mangoes, local bananas etc are available.
  • The local dishes are also on display for you to savour. Mersing offers a variety of dishes such as peanut pancakes, satay, putu bamboo and murtabak are waiting for you to try.
  • There are various other shopping varieties from clothes to other interesting local handicraft products available.

Mersing’s Cracker/ Keropoks

  • Mersing is famous for its crackers or Keropoks. They are snacks that are made using a misxture of flour and meat of fish, shrimps or squid. They are served with a hot chilli dip and are eaten as an afternoon snack.
  • So, you can either try the crackers at some local food outlet or even see how they are made at a processing unit.

Check out the various religious places and famous food outlets of Mersing here.

Enjoy your stay at Mersing an engage in the myriad activities that this little town has to offer.

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