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Mersing Jetty: The gateway to Malaysian Islands


We embrace your visit to the alluring world of Mersing. Mersing Jetty is the beautiful interface that connects you to the most ravishing islands of Malaysia such as Pulau Rawa, Pulau Tengah and Pulau Tioman. Mersing Jetty is located in the midst of Malaysian coastal town of Mersing and is the honeypot for tourists. With its pleasant atmosphere, far-fetched picturesque and gratifying offerings, this place has managed to be one of the most liked spot in Malaysia.

How to get to Mersing Jetty?

  • One can easily get to Mersing jetty either by bus or taxi. The Jetty is located right next to the Plaza R&R in Mersing.
  • Just get off the bus at the Plaza R&R bus stop and walk to the jetty. If your bus drops you off at the Mersing Bus Terminal, then the jetty is about a 5 min walk from the bus terminal.
  • Although most buses have the Plaza R&R as a bus stop, so it will be ideal if you get off there.

Ferry Services at Mersing Jetty

  • The Ferry companies that operate from Mersing jetty to nearby islands are Bluewater and Tioman XL Ferry Services.
  • Bluewater is an old ferry service that has been operating at Mersing. The other ferry services ar relatively new.

Ferry Schedule

  • The Ferry schedule is highly variable and depends on the Mersing weather conditions prevailing at the time.
  • Especially around full moon or no moon days the ferry services are completely unpredictable because of high tides and low tides.
  • Also, if there are predictions of any storms or any other disturbances, the ferries are usually cancelled.
  • It is thus advisable to always have a few extra days at hand to take into account the weather contingencies.

Ferry Timings

Ferries generally start as early as 7.00 in the morning and operate throughout the day. The last ferry to depart Mersing Jetty is around 4.30 in the evening.

Frequency of the Ferries

  • During season time, upto 3 ferries operate to the more famous destination Tioman Islands and one or two ferry operate to Pulau Besar, Pulau Rawa and Pulau Pemanggil.
  • However, during the off season only one ferry operates to Tioman Islands and to the other islands there are no ferries everyday.
  • Also during the monsoon months of February and October, ferries operate at a much lesser frequency and are often cancelled. Thus it is not an ideal time to travel to Mersing if you want to visit the islands.


  • Tickets can be brought at the Mersing Jetty or online.
  • But since the travel via ferry are contingent on the weather conditions, do remember to confirm if the ferry that you have booked is still running and if yes at the same time.


The Ferry to and fro any of the islands costs between 16 to 25 dollars.

Travel Tips

It is ideal to plan a stay at the Islands for at least a day and travel back to Mersing on the next day. A single day trip can be too packed and not give you enough time to explore the beauty of the island.

Tioman Islands: The go to destination from Mersing Jetty

The most famous and well known island of Malaysia are the Tioman Islands. This island has paramount diving spots and is predominantly the nets place. This place has crystal clear greenish sea waters and is very famous amongst tourists from around the globe. Mersing jetty acts as the main gateway to Tioman islands.

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