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Beaches bring with themselves a feeling of peacefulness and belonging! One can meet people from all over the world and hear stories like never before! The sun and the sound of crashing waves are simply so soothing and peaceful.


Mersing is the ferry capital of Malaysia; tourists usually come to this city to stay while they wait for their ferry ride. The ferry ride takes the enthusiastic tourists to the nearby islands and beaches and makes the trip wholesome and full of excitement.  This article enlists the best beaches around Mersing.


Island in Malay is called Palau. Most of the islands in the region have the word “island” in their names in Malay language.

Likewise, all the beaches have the name “Pantai” in their names.

A large Number of Palaus & Pantai are located near Mersing which are very famous and should be visited during your trip to Malaysia!


1. Pantai Air Papan


It is a shallow and sandy beach facing Pulau Setindan.


  • Pantai Air Papan is a popular destination for locals and day trippers who fancy a swim, some fun in the sun or simply soak in the glorious sun.
  • It is known for its outings, with adjacent dining, shops & restrooms.
  • It is also a well-known fishing spot and the beach also often plays host to fishing competitions.


  • Neat and Clean Restroom Facilities are available.
  • There are various boarding and lodging facilities available.
  • Bathing and Changing rooms are also available on the beach.
  • A variety of food stalls, mini shops are lined along the beach.

So pack up your swim suits and head up to this Pantai with you family and have fun of a lifetime! This beach has amazing reviews on all the top websites and it is a loved tourist spot and visited by everybody!

2. Mersing Esplanade or Pantai Mersing

Nature and Access

  • Mersing Esplanade is large, wide and long beach.
  • It is within easy walking distance from the centre of old town Mersing.
  • It is also located next to the ferry terminal from where you catch the boats to the islands around Mersing in the South China Sea.


  • It is extremely beautiful and worth a visit while waiting for your boat departure for the offshore islands.
  • The entire beach is about 700 meters long.
  • There is an area for exercise and a wide variety of games.
  • Since, it is so close to both the town and the Ferry Terminal this beach is always lively and has a number of people enjoying themselves.


  • It has a variety of food stalls, shops and recreational activities for the tourists.
  • There are some unique souvenirs shops selling some beautiful items at very reasonable prices.
  • There is plenty of parking available.
  • There are clean restrooms on the beach.

Many people call it the Pantai Mersing owing to its size. That is why it is perfect for long romantic walks and aesthetic pictures for your instagram!

3. Pantai Pasir Lanun or Penyabong Beach

Nature and Access

  • Pantai Pasir Lanun literally means Pirate Sands Beach. It is a completely safe beach and acquires its name because of the rocks and hidden alcoves that the beach has, giving it a pirate feel.
  • The beach has clean white sands and huge rocks lined along the beach.
  • To reach the beach, one has to undertake a 20 to 30 min journey from the main town.


  • The journey to this beach is though narrow old roads, forests and orchards. The journey itself will make the visit to worthwhile.
  • One can also visit the Malay villages and visit kelong (fish fields) on the way to this beach or while journeying back.
  • This beach has a number of attraction for the tourist such as boat rides, kayaking, fishing, camping in the adjacent forest.
  • The number of tourists is comparatively thinner as compared to other beaches and hence it has a serene environment.


  • There are a variety of food outlets around the beach.
  • There are facilities of boarding houses, bathing facilities and restroom facilities for the visitors.
  • A marine sports center rents out equipment for kayaking, canoeing, fishing and other water-based activities.

The best part about Mersing town is that it is so small that all the places are just around the corner. So even if you are on a short trip, you don’t need to choose and can cover all the beaches. But even spending time on one beach and enjoying it to the fullest is a great idea.

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