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Singapore to Mersing – Taxi, Bus or Flight?


Mersing is a beautiful place, and it’s an excellent choice for your holiday. If you have chosen to travel to Mersing via Singapore, this article will tell you all you need to know about the final stage of your journey. 

Mersing is merely 149 km away from Singapore, a short journey indeed! But it is always better to be prepared and plan on how you intend to complete this journey. 

The following is a brief on the variety of ways available to complete the journey from Singapore to Mersing.

How to reach from Singapore to Mersing?

1. By Private cars/Taxi:

You can very quickly hire a variety of private cars / taxis to travel to Mersing. This is the most popular way to travel between the 2 destinations.

Distance & Best Route :

When we travel to Mersing via Laluan Persekutuan, the distance that we have to cover is approximately 150 Km.

Time Taken :

This complete journey takes about 3 hours, and you may encounter some moderate traffic at a few points along the route.

Cost of Travel :

The cost of travel in a private car or taxi ranges between 60-80 US Dollars.

Some other Key points :

  • Do remember that this route has some restricted usage and private roads, but your driver will be aware of the same as he a local and will guide you accordingly.
  • Also, while covering this distance, you will have to cross the Singaporian border and enter Malaysia. This might involve a few check-posts and formalities.

2. Bus Singapore to Mersing: 

The Bus is the most convenient and affordable way to get to Mersing. 


The distance from Singapore to Mersing is approximately 150 Km.

Time Taken :

The expected duration of the trip is estimated at 3 hours and 30 minutes approximately.

Cost of Travel :

The cost of travel by bus will lie between 18.00 to 26.00 US Dollars.

Some Other Key Points:

  • There are a variety of buses and a number of bus operators available during all times of the day to transfer you.
  • Pick up location of these buses is generally THE PLAZA @ BEACH ROAD in Singapore, and you will be dropped off at Mersing Bus Terminal.
  • can help you to find exact times and other details.

3. Airways:

Flights can also be opted for traveling from Singapore to Mersing.


The distance from Singapore to Mersing is approximately 150 Km.

Time Taken :

The minimum time taken to reach Mersing via air is 3 hours, which includes the layover time at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Cost of Travel :

The flight fares are 80 US Dollars or above for a one-way ticket.

Some Other Key Points:

  • There are, however, hardly any direct flights between Singapore to Mersing. 
  • Flights can be booked for one way trip and a round trip as well.
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Thus, it is evident that this journey can be completed in a variety of ways, which includes private cars, buses, or air. According to us, traveling via road, either car or bus is the ideal choice as it also allows you to explore the beauty of the countryside. But the final decision depends on several factors such as your budget, the time of travel, or your comfort. So guys, hoping this article will help you choose well. Enjoy a safe and comfortable journey! 

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