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Mersing : A Complete Travel Guide

Travelling is the best stress buster and helps you quit your daily routine issues and enjoy life for what it is! You meet new people and make bonds with the people you are with, stronger! A new way of life can be explored through constant travelling and people get to see the sun from a whole new perspective altogether! The whole idea of honeymoon was introduced so that a newly-wed couple can get to know each other!

With that being said, through this article we would like to draw your attention to our favourite beach town! Planning a trip to Malaysia or Singapore? Don’t miss out on Mersing, the ferry capital of Malaysia!

A Little About the Island – How is it?

The town of Mersing, in Johar Malaysia, is an all-time tourist hub with a package of the best! From ferry trips at Mersing Jetty to solo walks on the Mersing Beaches, this destination gives you a complete holiday getaway feels. You can come here with your family, on a honeymoon or for soul searching on a solo trip too. People here are friendly and welcoming and are happy to take you around their homeland. Mersing is slowly is turning out to be a frequently visited tourist spot and is mostly included in every trip to Malaysia.

Planning a trip includes a lot of enquiries. We are here to help.

Let’s go through this by answering some FAQs

When to visit Mersing?

When to plan your holiday to this destination? This is one of the most often asked questions.

  • The most visited months are from April to August because of the weather conditions, the temperature this time is quite humid with a bit of heat, which is apt to visit a place of beaches and islands.
  • The other months of the year this town experiences moderate to heavy rainfall. But these remaining months are also worth visiting if you want to add a pinch of romance under the rains in your relationship.

Visit to know more about the weather at Mersing.

How to Reach Mersing ?

Now, the destination has been selected! So, how do you reach Mersing Island? Reaching the island is easy. Take a car or even a bus with your family from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and add this amazing tourist destination to your holiday package. There are numerous options available.

  • Kuala Lampur to Mersing – The distance is about 150 kms and the ride typically takes about 5 hours. The cost of travel in a private car or taxi ranges between 150-200 US Dollars.

Visit for a detailed guide on travel from Kuala Lampur to Mersing.

  • Singapore Airport to Mersing – The distance is about 150 kms and the ride typically takes about 2 hrs 30 min. The cost of travel in a private car or taxi ranges between 60-80 US Dollars.

Visit for a detailed guide on travel from Singapore to Mersing.

  • The Bus is the most convenient and affordable way to get to Mersing. There are a variety of buses available during all times of the day to transfer you to the town from both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Where to stay in Mersing?

Obviously now you need a place to stay! We would suggest you book beach resorts and have a relaxed stay. Experience an amazing view with a soothing breeze blowing. Other choices include hotels and homestays. Choose wisely after looking at the reviews of the hotels which go with your pocket and have restaurants, places to visit, markets, etc. nearby.


Found a place to stay in a beach city obviously you won’t sit in the hotel the whole day, right? Let’s take you on a small trip around Mersing through this article. It will ease your actual trip there. The first trip to a foreign land necessarily needs you to look at the scenic beauty. What culture does the place have, what kind of infrastructure the city has and what kind of people are there. Such questions are answered as soon as you step out of the hotel room and start exploring!

Let’s start our journey around the town!

Top Places to Eat

We begin with the places you should go to dine in to fill that empty belly.

1. Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant

  • Mersing has almost all types of cuisines, the first one and the most relished being Cantonese Cuisine which can be tried at LokeTien Yuen Restaurant.
  • This restaurant has been the local’s favourite from around 30 years and the key highlight of the restaurant is that you can get homemade food which is made simply but is extremely delicious; the sweet pork is our personal favourite.
  • This restaurant has been reviewed by many renowned food bloggers and it has always received great reviews!

2. Brother Joe IkanBakar and Seafood

Next up is Malay cuisine, obviously! Going to Malaysia, and not trying Malaysian cuisine is like going to India and not visiting Taj Mahal.

For that you have to visit Bother Joe’s. This place has a reasonable price and has also received great reviews on sites like Tripadvisor.

3. The Port Cafe and Bistro

Sometimes in a foreign land, a person starts to feel homesick, to get rid of that feeling and feel a bit at home we suggest you to go to The Port Cafe and Bistro.

The place has a homely feel and serves the clean and tasty food at very reasonable rates.

4. Xiang Guo Bakery & Cake House

Every family has at least one member with a sweet tooth for whom we suggest Xiang Guo Bakery & Cake House.

This place has the best tiramisu or cheesecake and is flooding with customers all time of the day!

5. Restoran Syed Ali

Another restaurant to look forward to is Restoran Syed Ali.

This restaurant serves typical Indian and Malay cuisine for the South Asian tourists from around the world!

Top Religious Places to Visit

With our bellies full, we now move to the religious places in the town! Malaysia is a country of religious harmony and has Buddhist Temples, Hindu Temples, Mosques and even Churches.

1. Hock Soon Keong Temple

Itis a Buddhist temple and has been built for around 172 years ago and has tourists and pilgrims pouring in all day.

Hock Soon Temple was the hub of all Hokkien Chinese people in TelukIntan during the British colonial era.

The regional Hokkien people would gather at the temple to clear all  obstacles, including giving service to the underprivileged to solving combats between clans. 

The temple was built with Southern Chinese architecture, the most notable feature being the beautifully decorated upturned eaves.

2. Kuil Sri Subramaniam

Right next to the Buddhist temple is a Hindu temple, Kuil Sri Subramaniam.

The temple is a beautiful and is peaceful place giving out a Hindu vibe.

3. Famous Churches

Mersing Presbyterian Church,

Church of St. Peter,

Gereja Katolik Church.

4. Famous Mosques

Masjid Bandar,

Masjid Jamek Taman Seri,

Surau India Muslim Endau.

Ferry Rides

  • Mersing is a place all about ferries and tourists catch ferries from Mersing Jetty to the nearby islands.
  • The ferry takes the tourists around many beaches and islands and is a legendary experience altogether!
  • The Mersing Harbour Centre is the waiting place for the ferry and has eating outlets and is an informative platform about the island and beaches that could be visited during the ferry ride!

We hope your stay in Mersing Island is mesmerising and this article gives you a detailed look of what this beautiful town holds for you.

Take a look at tempat menarik di mersing or the famous places of interest in Mersing that you must visit while you are here.

A trip to the town would surely hold all kinds of adventures for you. From going on a ferry ride to going to temples, a small town can give you a lifetime of memories and stories (even for your Snapchat and Instagram)!

Mersing will for sure turn out to be a suggested and recommended tourist spot by you once you visit it yourself. The best part about this town is that it is so small that all the places are just around the corner. People from all around the world come to visit this place with their families and go back with a bag full of memories! The place is full of opportunities to look at the scenic beauty.

Mersing beaches are also a must visit while you are here.

There is always a quarrel between a mountain loving person and a beach loving person! This fight can forever be won by a beach person when Mersing is taken into count!